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About Us

We develop E-commerce sites, design and make things for the internet. As a small team we can make fast decisions and save time so that you can focus on your business.

Restful Design is a Swedish - Stockholm based - fullstack web development company, meaning we can do anything from databases to front-end development. We have background from both science and the IT industry since the 1990:s. Our focus is within e-commerce, web/frontend and backend development, but we also work together with other specialists when needed.

We're a small, flexible and goal oriented team who are used to work internationally. The main benefit when working with us is that we can choose the best option for our customers, thanks to our broad repertoire of experience :)

Restful Design was founded by Miia Klingstedt in 2013.

I like technology that empowers entrepreneurship, technology should not be an obstacle but an everyday help to succeed with your business.

- Miia Klingstedt, PhD

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If you have any questions regarding our services
dont hesitate to contact us!

+46 (0)8 - 654 61 55 (mon-fri 9-16 CET)