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Shopify is an e-commerce platform we like to work with as it meets the many demands that online merchants have to face. It is a secure, fast and reliable platform. With 24x7 support and its low cost Shopify is a very capable e-commerce solution.
  1. Start right away

    We start configuring the shop while you get acquainted with the Shopify admin interface.
  2. Theme and content

    We disscuss your requirements and suggest design templates as starting point. Using available and tested templates is both cost-and-time-effecient. We ensure that the design is responsive and works well across different device types.
  3. Advice and setup

    Get advice around best e-commerce practise, digital marketing, Shopify Apps, Social media, EU-law and search engine optimisations. We create a baseline configuration that you can build up from.
  4. Time to launch!

    We guide you towards launching your shop in a safe and sound way. After launch we monitor customer activity and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Our standard packages

For simplicity we've bundled our Shopify offerings into three packages.
However, we quote each project separately as each customer have unique requirements.

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Main benefits with Shopify

Responsive design

Consumers today use multiple devices before a purchase. In order to not loose revenue your site must work across all devices.

Everyone today, has a smartphone

90% owns a mobile and a computer

60% use three or more devices

50% switch device before purchasing

High capacity

Shopify is a hosted solution which means you are not responsible for systems operations and security.

24/7 Support

You have access to the support by chat, email and phone, 24x7!

Secure platform

Shopify has a team working with security around the clock, no need to worry.

Unlimited bandwidth

Regardless how many visits your shop has its always accessible, for the same price.

Fast servers

Your shop is deployed on servers all over the world, which minimizes response times.

Shopify servers are monitored 24x7 to give the best and fastest user experience.
An unresponsive site means a lost customer, a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load lowers conversion rates with up to 50%.

Low cost

Get a professional looking webshop without spending a fortune on design and integrations.

Professional design

Shopify design templates hold high standards and works across all devices.

Simple administration

The admin interface is well designed with a steep learning curve.

Shopify Appstore

Shopify has a wide selection of plugin Applications so that you don't have to develop everything yourself.

Develop later

You are not forced to start with development but can wait until you make revenue.

Shopify is both cost-and-time-effective and gets you started almost instantly.

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